Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Seven Abreast Seating

The Boeing 767 had one of the most passenger-friendly economy class layouts, with just one middle seat per row. The 767 was a comfortable and immensely popular aircraft for Australian domestic travel on the East Coast corridor and transcontinental flights to Perth.

While the Boeing 767 was narrower than previous wide-body designs, seven abreast seating with two aisles could be fitted, and the reduced width produced less aerodynamic drag.

Using a conventional tail design also allowed the rear fuselage to be tapered over a shorter section, providing for parallel aisles along the entire length of the passenger cabin and eliminating irregular seat rows toward the aircraft's rear.

Early 767 customers were given the choice of Pratt & Whitney JT9D or General Electric CF6 turbofans, marking the first time that Boeing had offered more than one engine option at the launch of a new airliner.

Ansett Boeing 767-204 VH-RMK departed Seattle on 22 December 1994 for the ferry flight to Australia as AN5981, arriving in the basic 'Ansett Australia' livery but with a plain light-blue tail. Formerly a Brittania aircraft, it was leased and bought by Ansett.

Credit - Rob Finlayson ©

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