Monday, June 10, 2024

Vanuatu Gov't Pays Redundancy for 177 Air Vanuatu Workers: VT219 million

The Vanuatu government has taken decisive action to pay the redundancy fees for 177 workers Air Vanuatu staff who were abruptly laid off on the 31st of May 2024, the sum of over VT219 million.

The 177 workers were supposed to receive their payment on the same day they were laid off, but due to banking processes, the payment did not go through that day. A government official updated that the payments would go through to the workers’ individual accounts yesterday afternoon.

It was stated by a Government official that the Government made this obligation since they are the staffs of Air Vanuatu, they are the citizen of Air Vanuatu, they are the people of Vanuatu.

“We want to look after them, it has to be clear to the citizens of Vanuatu that the Government had a great concern and care, they want that everything was right, but the problem is Air Vanuatu was bleeding over VT100 million a month.

“The payments will go through the bank accounts of the laid-off workers individually as of yesterday afternoon. The payment was made on Friday, the 31st of May 2024, but due to the banking process, there have been some delays,” the Government official stated.

After dismissing 177 staff members, Air Vanuatu (Liquidator) is now left with 266 staff members who will be undertaking critical tasks at the airport, such, while awaiting the final decision of the company’s future by the Liquidator, Ernst and Young.

On May 31, the Minister of Finance, John Salong, revealed that once a company acquires Air Vanuatu, it will no longer operate under the name Air Vanuatu Operations Limited. Possible new names include Air Vanuatu II or Air Vanuatu Unity.

He also stated that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Deputy Prime Minister, mandated by the Prime Minister, are heading a task force with other ministers to examine the future of the airline.

They will determine its name and the extent of Vanuatu’s shares, likely around 49% to 43%. Jakarta

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